24 contestants take part in the live show, one is put forward by each of 24 companies/groups. These 24 contestants will be split into two heats (of 12 people) at the start. Each of the two groups of 12 people will take part in a variety of Bushtucker trials to see who will continue in the competition.

Following the heat rounds there will be two teams of 6 people, the red team and the blue team.
Both teams will battle against each other in the Bush Tucker trials at the start of the contest. Opponents will be decided by the team’s captains. Each of the ‘campmates’ will face a variety of Bushtucker trials before elimination begins.

There will be 10 trials where contestants will battle each other, both as part of teams and one-to-one. After trial 8, three campmates will remain to face the penultimate trial and the loser of this will be knocked out. The winner will be decided by a serious of gruelling challenges between the final two campmates as part of the final trial.

SPORTS CLUB Fundraising

You've seen them with no fear on the pitch but how will they fair against the Bushtucker Trials? Faced with Tasks, Snakes and creepy crawlies the local stars might not be as brave...but it sure is entertaining!

SCHOOL fundraising

Coming up with new school fundraising ideas each year is no easy feat. Unlike some other fundraising ideas, I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out of Here! appeals to a wide range of ages from children to grandparents. It’s entertaining, something new and the reaction of audience members to watching the contestants during the trials is a sight to behold.

CORPORATE Event Entertainment

I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out of Here! is hugely popular as a corporate event. Imagine your colleagues and departments competing against each other to be crowned the King or Queen of the office.

It’s a new and exciting event for Corporate Entertainment and Corporate Team Building.

With fundraising a necessity for most schools, clubs and charities, it can be difficult coming up with fresh ideas every year. The I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out of Here! fundraiser a new innovative event for Fundraising and corporate entertainment.

We’ve all seen people singing and dancing to raise some much needed funds for clubs all over the country, but I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out of Here! really puts a number of brave participants to the pin of their collars in front of a captivated audience! This live stage event has become a great way to help raise signficant funds for local clubs, schools and charities while providing a highly entertaining night of fun, fear and frolics for all of the community in doing so.
Fundraising Event Idea

"I'm A Celeb...This is definitely not for the Faint Hearted"


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