How much can the I’m A Celeb Fundraiser idea Make?

*TOTAL Potential Fundraiser REVENUE RAISED: €70,250

*The fundraiser income generated is based on the local efforts…It can go up or down, the above is used for comparative purposes and is an indication of what is certainly attainable. The above fee does not include the event management fee. This fee may vary and is dependant on where and when the event is staged and to what magnitude.

1 x Main Event Sponsor: €3,000

1 x Launch Night Sponsor: €1,000

10 x Bushtucker Trial Sponsors @ €500:  €4500 (the evening is made up of 9 individual tests/trials & each can be sponsored)

24 x Contestant Sponsorships @ €500 each : €12,000

750 x Ticket Sales @ €25: €18, 750 

On the night votes: €2000

Raffle: €1000

Total 1: €55,250

Adverts in The Souvenir Booklet
Raise €10/20,000 on average

TOTAL 2: €15,000

TOTAL Potential Fundraiser REVENUE RAISED: €70,250

Whether it’s some new jerseys, classroom renovations or raising some much needed funds for a deserving charity, I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out of Here! is the perfect fundraiser idea to help your reach your goals.

How to reach those figures with the I’m A Celeb fundraiser idea?


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